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The online news site of Rashtradeepam (daily & weekly) www.rashtradeepam.com is one of the most popular sites among the online community of Malayalees living across the globe. The site commands a very loyal readership with visitors coming daily to keep themselves updated on the latest breaking news from the Global. The Rashtradeepam Daily Newspaper has been Registered in 2004 under the RNI Rashtradeepam.com covers all kinds of new and essential for Malayalees politics, crimes, entertainment, and lifestyle. we provide Kerala features music, film, book reviews, interviews, and articles on hot topics ranging from social issues to light reading materials, always from a unique and intelligent perspective. Headquarter at Kochi. the News-Portal is supported by over 10 bureaus nationwide, along with a team of experienced newspersons and production staff, backed by Rashtradeepam Publishing House.

Dr.KC Ebraham : Chief Editor (Hon)
Y.Ansary : Editor
Mob: 9447105395, 8592910001,Tel: 04842971975
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